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one-to-one teaching

Singing: Beginner to Advanced, all ages. Working on technique, language (German, Italian, French and English), musicality, interpretation and performance.

All levels and ages are welcome. 

Rhonda specialises in changing voices and young voices with vocal health issues.

Rhonda also offers tuition in: 

  • Theory and Musicianship

  • Beginner - Intermediate Piano

  • Beginner - Intermediate Clarinet


Working with singers who want to put the final polish on pieces they are preparing

Sing and work with me in front of other singers and audience, learn from each other, ask questions, discover together.

Receive help with vocal technique, performance tips, nerves, language, telling the story

Vocal Coaching in a Choral Context - Language, technique, vocal health...

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lectures / workshops

These can be offered in a variety of settings e.g. in schools or homes for pupils, singing and classroom teachers, and interested parties

These could be a mix of speaking, demonstration and masterclass e.g. using young singers to show certain techniques

A range of topics could explored e.g.

  • What is Opera?

  • Healthy Vocal Technique

  • The Classical Voice - Why don't we use a microphone?

  • Getting Over Nerves

  • Telling a Story - How to Entertain an Audience

  • Why Does Music Matter?

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Can be tailored to suit any occasion or setting.  

  • A mix of opera, art song and lighter repertoire including Musical Theatre, Jazz Standards and Comedy songs

  • Could be themed e.g. Christmas, Childhood, Love, The Sea..

  • Formats could include: 

  • Dinner and Concert with entertainment between courses

  • Picnic or informal dinner - eat while you listen

  • Standard recital format in concert halls, churches or a lovely house or garden setting

  • Interesting and unusual venues such as old barns, disused railway stations, castle ruins etc...

  • These could be solo performances with a pianist or in collaboration with other singers 

Piano on Stage

Judging singing or music competitions, offering constructive feedback and praise. 

Drawing on a wealth of experience in vocal, theatrical and choral performance, I will always offer balanced, fair and informed commentary.


"Rhonda is a warm hearted, responsive and knowledgeable teacher whose techniques are insane for creating openness, and freedom to my voice!  She helped me to secure and study  one of my dream roles,  and I always felt in safe and caring  hands with Rhonda Browne!" 

- Tania, 45


"In the short time that my daughter has been taking guidance from Rhonda she has far exceeded what we thought would be possible in just a few months. Rhonda made us feel very comfortable in our decision to work with her before we’d even signed up. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about techniques and knows exactly how to bring the best out of my daughters voice. My daughter loves her lessons with Rhonda and after every session my daughter doesn’t stop buzzing about the work they have done. We could not ask for a better teacher and would recommend Rhonda to anyone looking for a teacher that can deliver what they say they can!"

- Kimberley 15


“ Rhonda’s an amazing singing tutor. She’s been teaching my daughters both in person and, more lately,  virtually. She makes the lessons fun and engaging and her expertise, enthusiasm and kindness shine through. She has helped my kids to sing a wide range of styles from choral music to pop. They have learnt so much about singing technique and have come on leaps and bounds. I can’t recommend Rhonda highly enough”

- Emma 15 and Libby 10


"For an ex head boy chorister who wanted someone to help him understand the process of vocal change, what he could do with his new voice & how to take it to the next level as an adult singer Rhonda has been amazing for Samuel. His confidence, singing technique & understand of how the voice works has just advanced so much in the last year."

- Samuel 15


“Our daughter has been having lessons with Rhonda for two years and the lessons are the highlight of her week!

She has progressed quickly through the grades and has been successful at a local singing festival where she won a prize.  As lessons are during the school day we do not manage to see Rhonda face to face but she has been fantastic communicating with us by email and keeping us updated as to our daughter’s progress. Most importantly of all is that our daughter loves singing and Rhonda has encouraged and supported her every step of the way! “

- Polly 13


"I am so fortunate to have such a remarkable singing teacher, Rhonda helps me so much with tiny details and has taught me effective techniques, not just to improve the quality of my voice, but to help me become a better singer in general."

- Keziah 13


"It is a privilege to say Rhonda is my daughter's singing teacher. Rhonda is world class; she makes such a difference to a voice."

- Remany, Keziah’s Mum


"Rhonda is a talented teacher: When she teaches, Rhonda is very patient and explains things kindly and well. I’ve learned so much from her, and am very grateful for such a great teacher. Thank you Rhonda!"

- Shanna 12
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